The word polygon means having many sides. Therefore a closed plane figure made up of several line segments that are joined together is called a polygon.

For example, a triangle, a quadrilateral are polygons.

NB. A circle is not a polygon as it is not made of line segments.

Diagonals: The number of diagonals in a polygon of sides n is n(n-3)/2

Types of polygons
Regular polygons:  A polygons having all angles and all sides are equal is called a regular polygon.

Irregular polygons:  A polygon may have unequal angles and sides. Such polygons are called irregular polygon.

Name of polygons according to their sides

Name                               Number of sides

Triangle                                        3

Quadrilateral                               4

Pentagon                                       5

Hexagon                                        6

Heptagon                                       7

Octagon                                          8

Nonagon                                         9

Decagon                                        10

Types of angle of a polygon

Interior Angle:  angle formed by two adjacent sides inside the polygon.

Sum of Interior Angles in a Regular Polygon of Sides n is: 

(n-2) × 180 degree

Exterior Angle:  angle formed by two adjacent sides outside the polygon.

Sum of Exterior Angles in a Regular Polygon of Sides n is: 

360 degree


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Prove that,   CosA + CosB + CosC + Cos(A + B + C) =  4 Cos(A + B)/2 Cos(B +C)/2 Cos(C+A)/2


  CosA + CosB + CosC + Cos(A + B + C)

=  2Cos(A+B)/2 Cos(A-B)/2   +2cos(C+A+B+C)/2 Cos(C-A-B-C)/2

= 2Cos(A+B)/2 Cos(A-B)/2   +2cos(A+B+2C)/2 Cos(-A-B)/2 

= 2Cos(A+B)/2 Cos(A-B)/2     +2cos(A+B+2C)/2 Cos(A+B)/2

= 2Cos(A+B)/2[Cos(A-B)/2       +Cos(A+B+2c)/2]

= 2Cos(A+B)/2[2Cos(2A+2C)/4               Cos(-2B-2C)/4]

= 2Cos(A+B)/2[2Cos(A+C)/2 Cos(B+C)/2]

= 4Cos(A+B)/2 Cos(B+C)/2 Cos(C+A)/2

Hence proved.

How to score good marks in Mathematics

1. Understand the basic principles and concepts.

2. Maintain a formula book.

3. Practice more and more.

4. Study in distraction free environment.

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